Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Copwatch Meeting - Strategic Responses to the Shooting of Oscar Grant - Jan. 12, 8pm

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Dear friends of Copwatch,

By now you have seen the video-

It is New Year's Eve at the Fruitvale Bart station and the Bart cops have taken
several young men of color off the train. The cops seem to escalate the
situation at every turn. They make the young men sit on the floor. Then they
make them kneel. Then they make them lie down on their stomachs. Then an
officer takes out his gun and clear as day, shoots the prone, unarmed man.


We are talking about spontaneous, public execution. If this incident is not met
with widespread, militant response, we can surely EXPECT MORE OF THE SAME! If
you have been watching from the sidelines, this might be a good time to unleash

This is a time when we need to unite to win some victories for the people. We
can not bring Oscar back or end the suffering of his grieving family. But we
can take action to bring about some justice.

Let's talk about our response. Ban Bart police? Disarm them? A public art
campaign that keeps this atrocity in the public eye?

Let's strategize:

What: Copwatch meeting

When January 12 8pm

Where: Grassroots House 2022 Blake Street in Berkeley (near Shattuck)

Contact: 510.548.0425

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