Monday, November 3, 2008


This is a song that my friend D emailed to me. D is a sex worker ally, advocate, friend, client, and long-time volunteer with the Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters (COSWAS) in Taipei, Taiwan.

"This song was written for a close friend of COSWAS that chose to end her life jumping off a cliff into the sea. She was the first sex worker that wasn't afraid of exposing herself to the media during and after the struggle for re-legalization of sex work ten years ago.

i don't know if you could understand the lyrics. they're in Taiwanese

I translated the lyrics of "happiness" to english. the lyrics in chinese is more poetic, I sort of ruined it, but better than nothing. Hope you like it."


If you ask me what is happiness, what should i tell you?
If I was born in a wealthy family, happiness would be much more easier to achieve

If you ask me what is life, what I should tell you?
I come from a poor family. tell me where could i find happiness.

Ah.... I'm a long blossoming wild flower in the fields
Happiness is like a candle in the wind
We have to cherish and protect it with our hands

Ah.... We are long blossoming wild flowers in the fields
Life is like the lights in the dark which leads us forward

Even though we are discriminated walking down this path
We feed our families like anyone else, It is not shameful at all
Red lights, cross roads, and narrow alleys, we walk silently and alone
I-Yo, in order to provide our family with food shelter and clothes
That's my life

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